2007_01_giulianismoke.jpg- The goings-on at Rudy Giuliani's own company were the focus of two articles this past weekend. The Daily News wondered how his client list at Giuliani Partners will stack up to scrutiny, as there are gambling associations and polluters on it. Well, there are benefits to him being a Republican. And the NY Times looked at how Giuliani's campaigning might affect his company - it's questionable how successful the company has been. How did Giuliani spend part of his weekend? Why, attending the Bull Riders invitational at Madison Square Garden.

- City Council Speaker Christine Quinn has hired one of Governor Spitzer's fund-raisers, signaling that she's eying running for Mayor in 2009. Which makes some sense, since City Council members do have term limits (so far).

- And elected officials are having a hard time understanding when they can use their city-supplied drivers. Mayor Bloomberg, Speaker Quinn, City Comptroller William Thompson and Public Advocate Betsy Gotbaum have asked the Conflicts of Interest Board to clarify what procedures they should follow (because what if they need to "make a stop at Starbucks, or stop at Macy’s to buy a pair of socks," as Thompson puts it). Of course, Mayor Bloomberg's spokesperson Stu Loeser says that mayor reimbursed the city for whatever personal travel he makes with city vehicles or NYPD details, but he's a billionaire.

Photograph of Mayor Giuliani at the Professional Bull Riders Invitational by Frank Franklin II/AP