The best part of waking up is Rudy in your cup: Mayor of 9/11 Town Rudy Giuliani joined Guardian Angels founder Curtis Sliwa on his radio show earlier this morning. Giuliani was there to chit-chat and lend support to Sliwa, who is taking a hiatus from his many jobs in order to undergo prostate surgery. Giuliani, who has been on a bit of a storytelling kick of late, ripped into two of his favorite targets during the visit: Eliot Spitzer and the Gambinos. "This is like having Hitler as a hero," he said of the upcoming Gotti movie.

When Sliwa asked whether he thought Spitzer might run for Mayor in 2013, Giuliani laughed out loud: “I can’t imagine that Eliot Spitzer wants to run for public office again after what he did while he was in the last two public offices as attorney general and as governor.” He claimed that Spitzer didn't just commit "personal misconduct", and mentioned that his case against former NYSE head Dick Grasso was thrown out of the court: “People forget the guy won his cases basically by extortion out of the courtroom.” As for his own possible presidential ambitions, Giuliani remained coy, though he did say, “Another four years of this president, and the damage will be irreparable to our economy and our national security.”

But he kept his fiercest criticism for the Gambino family, and in particular, John Gotti Jr.'s star-studded movie project, Gotti: Three Generations. The movie, which has already netted John Travolta to star as John Gotti Sr., was imagined by Gotti Jr. as a "father-son" story, rather than a straight-forward mafia movie. Recalling his days as a prosecutor, Giuliani called Gotti. Sr. “disgusting”, “horrible” and “a dumb moron,” and added that the idea of "glorifying this guy who enjoyed showing up at killings because he enjoyed watching them is sick.”

Sliwa, also no fan of the Gambinos since, you know, Junior allegedly kidnapped and shot him, is petitioning the city to deny film permits to the movie, saying, "To think that [Gotti Jr.] will now be able to profit from his lifetime worth of crimes is beyond the pale. To add insult to injury (literally in my case), to allow him to use the streets and locations of our fair city to line his blood laden pockets is absolutely unconscionable."