Just in case you were wondering what former mayor Rudy Giuliani thought of Republican gubernatorial Carl Paladino's remarks criticizing gay marriage, gay lifestyle, and gay pride parades—all while maintaining he has no problem with gays—the lifetime mayor of 9/11 said, "At a time when the state and nation are facing massive deficits, irresponsible overspending, job-killing taxes and an ongoing war of terrorism against us, all candidates should be focused on solutions to our problems and not the personal lives of our fellow citizens. He should recognize his remarks were highly offensive and he should apologize for them."

As Politico puts it, "It makes Giuliani one of the biggest-name Republicans to weigh in on the issue. A few hours ago, state GOP chairman Ed Cox basically demurred, saying Paladino is able to speak for himself." Paladino's campaign manager Michael Caputo responded to Giuliani's remarks by saying, "While we appreciate the advice and counsel of experienced leaders outside our campaign, we prefer to receive it via telephone."

Giuliani is against gay marriage—so against it he didn't make it to the wedding of the gay friends that housed him after his affair became public.