Former mayor Rudy Giuliani has penned an op-ed in the NY Times, offering his suggestion to fix the State Senate mess: "I’m calling on Albany to convene a state constitutional convention... [It] would be an extraordinary step, but it is a necessary and effective way to overcome the challenges we face. It would be an opportunity for Republicans, Democrats and independents to come together, take a long hard look at our problems and then propose real, lasting solutions. If the State Legislature were to approve the measure in the next few weeks, New Yorkers could vote on whether to proceed with a constitutional convention this November. A 'yes' vote would move the process forward, allowing voters to choose a slate of delegates in November 2010. After the convention took place, the recommendations would be put forward to the people for an up-and-down vote." And then Giuliani lays out his suggestions for term limits, budget practices, and judicial pay.