Mayor de Blasio and nostalgic racist Rudy Giuliani have been feuding in the press over the homelessness crisis in recent weeks. Giuliani ramped things up yesterday morning, by picking the incredibly appropriate occasion of 9/11 to once again attack de Blasio—this time just before the memorial ceremony. If you're wondering how de Blasio felt about that, a picture is worth a thousand words.

Giuliani called de Blasio "ignorant" on the topic after de Blasio labeled Giuliani's faux-humanitarianism "delusional" earlier this week. What this comes down to, according to Giuliani, is what the definition of "homeless" is. According to Giuliani, you're not homeless if you are in a shelter. That sounds about right for him: Giuliani's longtime policy when it comes to the homeless has been outta sight, outta mind, so of course he can't tell the difference between temporary/transitional shelter and an actual home.

Here's his full diatribe:

Okay, here's how ignorant Mayor de Blasio is. He said that there were 40% more homeless people during my administration, the [New York] Times corrected it and said it was 32%, but do you know what the 32% is? There were 32% more people in shelters. People who are in shelters, I would like to inform the Mayor, are not homeless. Of course there were more people in shelters, because [Former Mayor] Mike Bloomberg and I got them off the streets. All you had to do was live in this city and you know that when I was mayor, there was very little homelessness in this city. They were in shelters. That 40% that he quoted incorrectly, is the number that shelters went up. Now, how ignorant can you be of what’s going on to use that as a figure for more homelessness? That is a case for less homelessness —if the shelters went up, there were less people on the street.

You can see the interview in question below.

As for how de Blasio's administration has been dealing with the crisis, Giuliani said he sees no results, not because he walked the streets himself, but because he checked with his security people. "So far, I see no result, I go out and check now with my security people like I used to do when I was mayor, I'd see homeless people all over the city," Giuliani said. "I don't know that the mayor has a clue about what to do about it if he thinks there was an increase in homelessness during my administration because there were more people in shelters? I think the Mayor doesn’t have a clue what’s going on."

A spokesperson for the mayor told the News that name-calling on the 9/11 anniversaries was “inappropriate" and declined further comment.