2003_9_giulismoke.jpgWhile on a trip to Ireland, former Mayor Rudy Giuliani told a Dublin interviewer that he did not agree with Mayor Bloomberg's smoking ban, remarks that have sent the city's tabloids gleefully ready for some sort of Giuliani-Bloomberg smackdown. Giuliani said, "Some people want to make the choice of being able to have a cigar or a pipe or a cigarette after dinner. And they should be provided with an opportunity to do that," adding that simply restricting areas where smoking occurs (as smoking is in Ireland) would have been a better solution. Rudy also added that outside areas feel more congested now that smokers have been pushed onto the sidewalk for their fixes. Of course, after the remarks were publicized, Giuliani apologized to Mayor Bloomberg.

Logic aside, Gothamist would like to note that the only way anyone can read Giuliani is only if they figure out how it'll benefit him personally. In this case, Giuliani, the occasional cigar smoker, will say smoking should be allowed. But Giuliani the uptight Catholic will say no to modern art.