Rudy Giuliani sure didn't sound like someone on the verge of making a run for governor while speaking at a Crain's New York breakfast this morning. Giuiani joked about the state GOP, “There’s no question that if you have to rely on George Pataki and me, you’re in big trouble." He said that he wasn't paying close attention to state issues and added, "I got elected mayor, I believe, on the theory of — it can't get worse. So if it gets to that point, maybe I'll decide [to go for it]." (But he does NY's got big problems!) Meanwhile Governor Paterson was shrugging off speculation about Democrats this week who gathered and talked about how poor his chances were of getting elected. He said, "A lot of people are voicing concerns when they should be focusing on the fact that this state overspends, that this state has unfortunately paid more attention to personal interests than the interests of the entire group of people that live here in this state." The governor also made a personal appearance in town this morning—partying at the nightclub Taj while Funkmaster Flex Dj'd until 1 a.m. A Gawker tipster spotted the governor said, "He need to get his blind ass home."