For all those who might have forgotten Rudolph Giuliani was mayor on September 11th, 2001, the everlasting King of 9/11 Town has published an Op-Ed in the Daily News today, reminding everyone that you don't get to build a mosque near Ground Zero without his approval. Giuliani frames the outrage over the proposed Islamic community center as a matter of "sensitivity," and writes, "I cannot help but feel that the painful debate we're having today is not a sign of weakness or intolerance. It is a sign of resilience and strength."

But in his editorial Giuliani also calls called for tolerance... for mosque opponents. "The vast majority with legitimate concerns—including me—should not be automatically lumped in with the small minority who hmosqueave [sic] expressed more strident opinions about the mosque and about Islam in general. They have as legitimate a right to oppose the mosque as others have to support it."

Thank heavens somebody has the guts to stand up for the poor, misunderstood anti-mosque crowd. If you'd like to show them your support, they'll be gathering at Park Place on Saturday, as close to the site of the proposed mosque as the police will let them. (According to the News, no "sound permits" have been issued for the block the mosque is on, and police may close the block entirely.)