A little girl eager to board her school bus was hit by a car on Marcy Avenue near Lorimer. A BMW fatally struck 5 year old Chana Friedlander yesterday morning, and she was laid to rest in the afternoon, in keeping with Orthodox Jewish tradition. A few things about the accident raise a couple questions. The bus driver says the flashing lights were on and the stop sign was extended to warn other drivers. However, the BMW's driver, Trisha Thomas, says the there were no warnings. What's more, police say there would not have been enough room for the BMW SUV to pass between the bus and other parked cars with the stop sign extended.

Chana was supposed to wait for the school bus to cross the street to pick her up (it was picking up other kids on the other side); instead, she ran out from between cars in the middle of the street. Additionally, police do not believe Thomas was speeding, as her car was not damaged in the accident. And the bus had a couple violations, including "having the cab and body of the bus improperly secured to the frame" but those don't seem to factor into the accident.