Since Justice William Erlbaum found State Senator Hiram Monserrate guilty of reckless assault when he slashed girlfriend Karla Giraldo with a broken glass, but found him not guilty of intentionally slashing her, she wants the judge to lift the order of protection that prevents her from being with Monserrate. The Post reports that her lawyer wrote to the judge saying the couple would like to resume their "intimate relationship ... without further unnecessary interruption or delay."

What's more Giraldo's lawyer also points out, "Furthermore, given the intense level of public scrutiny which currently surrounds Sen. Monserrate, there is no realistic danger that he will cause future injury to Ms. Giraldo." Hear that, media—you're apparently keeping Giraldo safe! Last week, Giraldo told the Daily News that they love each other.

And the Monserrate verdict is mentioned in the NY Times' latest editorial about the putrid state of Albany:

Even members of the ethically challenged Legislature know that their ethics commission is looking the other way. When Senator Hiram Monserrate was convicted of assaulting his girlfriend, the voters’ outrage was so high that Senator John Sampson, the Democratic conference leader, decided to bypass the commission. He established a public ad hoc group of senators to decide Mr. Monserrate’s fate.

We hope that it will have the focus, muscle and gumption to call for kicking Mr. Monserrate out of the Legislature — and that the Senate will agree. Meanwhile, Mr. Monserrate has been raising money to pay his attorneys’ fees and seems to have no plans to make his contributors public. He should be required to do so. The only word for this secrecy is outrageous."