120108sutra.jpgAh, the East Village, that ever-trendy nightlife destination where visitors from Long Island and beyond flock to stab each other on the weekends. Around 1 a.m. Saturday night at Sutra on First Avenue and First Street, 22-year old Freeport resident Vivian Lee got into a heated argument with her 22-year-old boyfriend, RPI graduate Joshua Clarke. Witnesses tell the Daily News that when Lee caught Clarke flirting with another dame, she smashed a pint glass over his head and then stabbed him in the neck with the broken shards! Acting quickly, a bouncer applied pressure to Clarke's gushing wound while another employee subdued his jealous girlfriend. Clarke was rushed to Bellevue and is expected to recover, while Lee was taken to jail. But Clarke's mother was later sighted at the Ninth Precinct, and told reporters her son was "not going to press charges. She's going to be my daughter-in-law."