2006_03_bellebue.jpgEarlier this week, Jersey City authorities were worried about a 13 year old girl, who text messaged her mother and told her that she had been kidnapped - but she was still sending her friends "carefree" messages. Yesterday, she was found in Brooklyn after she called her parents from a payphone, saying she had been raped and taken to Bellevue Hospital for an examination, and now, the police and even the girl's family have their doubts about her story. HIn a move that will make parents think twice about letting kids have computers in their bedrooms, apparently the girl had a website and went to website "she shouldn't have" (that language is from a news report about story - we're still looking for the link). er father provided soundbites for probably legions of technology-weary parents: "One thing is for sure. No more cellphone. No more Internet. If she wants to go to the mall, she can go with me."

A 19 year old was arrested for having sexual contact with the girl, though he is not connected with the abduction.