2005_03_mayorgirlscout.jpgMore fallout over the ticketed Girl Scout activity in Williamsburg: After the media had a field day upon hearing that a little girl's dad was ticketed for helping her, the Mayor said, during a press conference that was probably about something much more important, "The story had some inconsistencies in it and the police department is investigating, but I think it's fair to say our crime reduction strategy has little to do with Girl Scout cookies and we will look at that." The inconsistencies are that the police claim that Gracie Louis's father was the only one present when a police caption issued him a summons for selling Girl Scout cookies over the weekend. However, the Louis family claims that 13 year-old Gracie was urged into the car when her mother heard the police yelling, as they approached them. The NYPD spokesman told reporters, "A 55-year-old man is no girl scout. Neither girl scouts nor other children were present when the summons was issued." Oh, NYPD, please. If Gothamist had a dollar for every father who helped sell their daughters' Girl Scout cookies, we'd be living the high life; in fact, we're very aware of employees who feel obligated to outdo each other in buying the most boxes of their boss's daughter's Girl Scout cookies - there's no real reason someone needs 20 boxes of Thin Mints.

Gracie herself said, "If we weren't supposed to, it would have been nice to have a warning. I was kind of surprised because I didn't know that Girl Scouts would be illegal, because it's a nonprofit organization. I think it was a misunderstanding." This girl is media-savvy already - it's no surprise that she's the top cookie-seller in her Long Island troop.