In a tradition that totally skipped Gothamist's high schools, the annual fistfight that the girls at Peabody High School have got so out of hand that the police had to step in. One student said, "People knew this was coming because it almost happened on Friday. They should have known that it was going to be the last day of school and there was going to be fighting everywhere." Another said, "There were students talking the whole year about their enemies and how they're going to fight. It happens every year." Pittsburgh Public Schools Chief of Safety Robert Fadzen says there is no annual tradition of fighting. Yeah, like the high school kids are really going to inform him. At our high schools, fistfights were either spontaneous or it would be kids from other high schools chasing after us.

Gothamist loves the girl who shot the footage: NBC's Pittburgh affiliate says "she wasn't in school that day, but went there when classes let out because she and others had heard there would be fights." See the footage here.

Gothamist on the cruelties of high school.