With the Yankees in the Windy City to play the White Sox, Yankees manager Joe Girardi has been the much speculated-about possible choice to manage the Chicago Cubs. He said, "I've said all along my responsibility is to the Yankees. I was hired to do a job; we're in a pennant race. I've never worried about next year. I'm worried about right now.... I have a responsibility to the Steinbrenners, who have treated me great and my family...and to [GM] Brian Cashman and to my players."

ESPN, whichnotes that he's a "a former Cub, graduate of Northwestern and native of Peoria who has extensive family and personal ties to the area," reports that when Girardi saw the Chicago Sun Times article saying he's the "only man" for the Cubs job, he said, "Oh, please. I'm trying not to pay any attention to that stuff. Just trying to do my job." Girardi had interviewed to manage the Cubs in 2006, but Lou Piniella, who just retired, got the job.

The Post predicts Girardi will stay, but "he might use the Cubs and any other team that is looking for a manager as leverage to gain the best deal possible from the Yankees. Adding more leverage for Girardi, who should command at least $5 million a year, is the fact Hal Steinbrenner and Cashman know if Girardi splits they would be hard-pressed to find somebody they feel as comfortable with to replace him."