Yesterday, Mayor Bloomberg unveiled the first new bus shelter from the billion-dollar street furniture contract with Cemusa. The shelter, located at Queens Boulevard and 82nd Avenue, is made out of stainless-steel and tempered glass (both the walls and the roof) and was designed by Grimshaw Architects. Some more details from Cemusa:

- Each bus shelter will include bench seating. The bench is vandal-resistant and designed to prevent reclining.
- The bus shelters display the name of the bus stop in prominent letters that can be read by approaching passengers. An illuminated interior side panel will display customer service information such as bus route maps.
- The design of the bus shelter ensures meaningful protection from the elements. Specifically designed to prevent any blind spots, the bus shelter provides excellent visibility for added security.
- The components of each bus shelter are made from recyclable materials that are free from pollutants and will have minimal impact on the environment.

We can't wait to see one ourselves, but what we really like is the illuminated map inside the shelter - that's much better than the ones outside that get faded and are hard to read because they are facing the street and you basically have to step into the street to laugh at the schedule.

According to the Department of Transportation, 650 new bus shelters will be installed by the end of September 2007, along with 110 new news stands. The city is also wondering where to put the first of the 20 new public toilets. From the NY Sun:

The toilets should debut by June, officials said, noting that the city has been pursuing them since 1978.

The long wait prompted a slightly off-color riff by Mr. Bloomberg: "It would be tasteless and I would never make a joke about squeezing your legs for that long a period of time," the mayor said to laughter.

We cannot wait for the first public toilet to be unveiled by the Mayor - maybe he'll be the first to use it!