A sour new press release sent from Senator Kirsten Gillibrand's campaign minutes ago is titled "Simple Yes or No Question: Did Harold Ford Jr. Dodge NY Taxes to Claim His Merrill Lynch Bonus in Tennessee?" But back in 2006, she was faced with a similar question, and gave no simple answer. Her Republican opponent for a seat in Congress asked her to release her tax records, but the Democrat put her foot down, saying she refused to be "bullied," reports the Post. Sounds familiar.

Meanwhile, Harold Ford Jr, who's faced daily bad-mouthing from Gillibrand and her lackeys (not to say he hasn't deserved it) says he'll announce whether he'll run by the end of next week.

Gillibrand and her aides have pounced on the issue of Ford's failure to pay state income tax, focusing on any bonuses he may have received as vice chairman of Merrill Lynch (until recently Ford split his time between NY and Tennessee). The aggressive press release quotes her campaign manager: "We know Vice Chairman Ford likes to dodge questions when he is in New York.  Does he dodge our tax laws too?" Hilariously, her spokesmen also says, "We have never asked Harold Ford Jr. to release his taxes." Following Gillibrand's lead, he shouldn't have to! "I am not going to give in," she told the Albany Times Union in 2006. "[My opponent] is not entitled to it, and I'm not going to let him bully me into [releasing tax records]."