If the increasingly hostile tone between Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand's campaign and possible candidate Harold Ford Jr.'s campaign is any indication, New York voters are in for an ugly Democratic primary. After Ford criticized Gillibrand for holding a fundraiser with "party bosses" including President Obama's campaign manager David Plouffe, the Paterson appointee told the Daily News: "Harold Ford's attacks on President Obama and his agenda sound much more like [they are] coming from Sarah Palin than from a New York Democrat who is proud of his President." Awwwwww snap!

Gillibrand launched her campaign against Ford quietly, allowing the former Tennessee Congressman to do the job for her in a series of embarrassing interviews. But as Ford has upped his rhetoric against Gillibrand by bashing her for being beholden to high-ranking Democrats and being a "parakeet" and a "tobacco apologist," Gillibrand's campaign has retaliated by sending out numerous press releases demanding that Ford disclose whether or not he received a "taxpayer-backed" bonus from his Wall Street job. Then Gillibrand dropped the Sarah Palin bomb.

The Palin comparison didn't sit well with Ford spokeswoman Tammy Sun, who issued the following statement:

For every $1 New Yorkers send to Washington in taxes, New York gets back $0.79. The unelected senator should focus more on reversing that reality and creating jobs in the Bronx, Brooklyn and Queens than making absurd political comparisons.