2005_05_singinggiffy.jpgGothamist didn't know if it was some sort of subtle threat to voters' ears or just some way to show how the Internet! seriously! rocks!, but we have to admit that we got a kick of the NY Times' story about how City Council Speaker and wannabe mayor Gifford Miller love love loves to sing. The NY Times also has a slideshow with audio that has Giffy belting out some tunes, and while he's not the worst singer, we understand why the Times, in the print edition, noted that the audio was "Not Available in Stores." Miller mentions at various points that he's not allowed to sing at home but that he realized his many public appearances with captive audiences would let him "indulge" himself. Listen, Giff, if this means that all the mayoral candidates will get equal singing time, we're so going to send bills from our ear specialist. But other than that, this is the makings of a great off-off-off Broadway musical!

Do you want to hear your public officials sing? (Think John Ashcroft!) Too bad "loves to sing" isn't something voters look for - the latest Quinnipiac poll shows Mayor Bloomberg 17 points ahead of Miller (the Mayor leads all Democratic contenders). And on Miller's personal playlist: Bob Marley, Tom Jones, the Beatles, Fountains of Wayne, and Neil Diamond. Did he say Neil Diamond? Today is the last day to win tickets from Gothamist to see Neil at Madison Square Garden on August 18 - enter here!

Photograph of Miller by Brian Palmer for the NY Times