So many legal briefs jokes, so little time. As we all know, the Naked Cowboy loves filing lawsuits, and most recently he threatened to sue his female counterpart Sandy Kane, aka The Naked Cowgirl. Well, game on! According to the Daily News, he filed the trademark infringement suit Wednesday, claiming she's "devaluing a real American brand and Icon."

Team Cowboy thinks the 50-year-old ex-stripper is turning his wholesome image into a joke and dragging his name through mud with her antics. The lawsuit states, "She has been observed using visual profanity (flipping the bird at the camera) when photographing with people in Times Square. This is inconsistent with the manner in which the Naked Cowboy conducts business."

His lawyer added that she's "confusing tourists"—however, the Cowboy was originally okay with Kane's schtick as long as she signed a Naked Cowboy Franchise Agreement. But according to the Cowgirl's lawyer, he "does not have a monopoly on scantily-clad guitar playing."