Gothamist knew that the West Side stadium fracas would get nutty, but we didn't think that the Giants might be contenders as well. Apparently, the Giants are at an impasse during their negotiations with NJ over a new Giants Stadium in East Rutherford. Interestingly, NJ's Acting Governor Richard Codey had been crowing about the proposed $750 million complex, saying the Jets should consider staying in NJ. The Giants claim its intention is to stay in NJ, but as the Giants are more a NYC team (the Jets' fan base seems to be strongest in Long Island), the idea of the Giants in Manhattan is intriguing - they were last in NYC in the '70s, playing at Yankee Stadium. Fascinating business of sports teams tidbit: NY Times also notes that Giants want to get a deal settled soon, because it's "crucial for the Giants to be able to start selling luxury suites and club seats before any competition can develop from other new sports facilities, such as the new arena that has been proposed for Brooklyn, or the Jets' stadium."

Also, lobbyists really cashed in with the West Side Stadium: About $29 million was spent on the issue, with around anti-stadium groups spending $22 million (including Cablevision) while the pro-stadium faction spent $7 million.