Eli Manning and the Giants have agreed to a contract extension that should keep Eli with Big Blue for the bulk of his career while turning him into the highest paid player in the NFL. With Manning's original contract coming out of the draft set to expire after this season, the Giants inked him to an additional six years, worth $97.5 million—not bad for the 14th highest-rated QB last season.

Starting in 2010, Manning will make an average of $16.25 million a year (if his deal is prorated) through 2015. That puts him over $2M ahead of the next highest-paid QB, his brother Peyton. When discussing negotiations recently, Giants GM Jerry Reese said, “What’s the cap? We don’t save a lot of money. We give it all out.” Reese also said, "He is a franchise quarterback. He has done everything we asked him to do. He has come in, taken a lot of flak from you guys [the media] and he just keeps going. He does what we ask him on the field and he does what we ask him to do off the field. He is a good football player."

The team supposedly rejected the Manning camp's initial suggestion of $20 million a year and NFL sources had believed this might top out closer to $120 million—if not quite hitting the record set by Michael Vick's $130 million deal, which didn't turn out so well.