2008_12_kevinboss.jpgThe Giants get to put an end to the Plaxico Burress talk and actually play some football on Sunday and it just might be exactly what they need. Everyone seems to think the distractions will hurt them, but maybe three hours of conflict with Philadelphia will provide them with a chance to escape this mess. The Giants knew some of the details of Plaxico’s troubles last week and that didn’t stop them from beating Washington, so why would this week be any different?

No, the distractions at this point boil down to one question, will Antonio Pierce be suspended because of his involvement in the Plaxico mess? We don’t know the answer yet, but Pierce will be on the field tomorrow and that means the defense should be just fine. Expect another physical game, but New York is simply too much for the Eagles. The home crowd will fire them up and the Giants will respond with a win to clinch the NFC East.

Photo of Kevin Boss by AP/Julie Jacobson; Boss leads the Giants in touchdown receptions this season.