The Giants will head down to Dallas on Sunday to open the new home of the Cowboys with a crowd of over 100,000 expected. Between the crowd and the opponent, this was already a very tough game, but several big injuries have made it even harder. Chris Canty, the defensive lineman signed from the Cowboys this offseason, will not play. Aaron Ross will most likely join him on the sidelines and Kenny Phillips and Kevin Dockery might be there as well, creating a huge void in the secondary.

And that is going to create huge problems for the Giants. They should be able to rush the passer and they had better do it well because they may not be able to cover the Cowboy receivers. Jason Whitten gives the Giants fits normally and it is very likely that he will do so again on Sunday. On offense, New York should be able to run up a fair amount of points against the Dallas defense, but it won’t be enough and Dallas will prevail.