Giants fans learned last year that the “C.C.” in C.C. Brown stood for “can’t cover”. Brown was miserable as a safety for the Giants in 2009, so one can only imagine how happy they were to learn they would have the chance to face him in 2010 when he became starting safety for the Lions. That was before Brown decided to take some shots at Eli Manning. Now the Giants have some extra motivation to take on Brown and the Lions.

And that could be important because this is a classic trap game. New York is coming off of two impressive wins and have a game in Dallas next Monday night. Looking past Detroit this week could be easy. The Lions are one of the worst teams in the league and haven’t won on the road in 23-straight games. But, the letdown should now be averted. Eli and the offense have something to prove and the defense will have plenty of opportunities for big plays.

It should be over by halftime. C.C. Brown and the Lions go down quickly in a rout. That’s something they should both be used to.