Four months after their stunning Super Bowl win, the New York Giants received their gleaming Super Bowl rings last night. The white gold ring with many diamonds--dubbed a "ten table" ring by defensive end Michael Strahan (so it could be seen ten tables away)-- was designed by Tiffany, which held a ceremony for the team--Big Blue gets baby blue boxes!

The players were thrilled with finally getting their personal memento of the win--Plaxico Burress said he actually woke up at 6:30 a.m. because he was so excited, "My wife thought I was getting ready for a football game with the way I was acting all day." And coach Tom Coughlin, who said Tiffany did a great job with the ring, said, "You are the world champions, you never get tired of hearing about that, it is a tremendous, tremendous accomplishment for this group of young men and how they went about doing it, the coaching staff and the group of players that accomplished what they did.”

The Giants heads into "full squad mini-camp" in two weeks. Oh, and Strahan, who refused to answer questions about whether he'll be back with the team, approved of the ring, telling the Daily News, "After four months of waiting, it's everything I expected it to be. Actually, it's better- looking than I expected because you don't get the 3D effect on the picture. To see it? It's got enough diamonds on it, I'm happy