The last time the Giants faced the Cowboys, Big Blue broke Tony Romo's collarbone, scored 41 points and effectively ended Dallas' season (not that it wasn't almost over anyway). Now, three weeks later, the Giants sit atop the NFC East with only the Eagles to worry about. The Cowboys have since fired their coach and appear on the fast track to nowhere.

The Giants, on the other hand, have bigger aspirations. At 6-2, they entered Week 10 tied for the best record in the NFL. Eli Manning's interceptions are up, but he's playing almost as well as he did last year. Ahmad Bradshaw has emerged as an elite option, and the defense has taken to knocking out quarterbacks with regularity. New Dallas quarterback Jon Kitna may be in danger.

The Giants' offense has put up 41 points in consecutive games. Many people think the team is the best in the NFL. The Cowboys have nothing to play for, and, despite a national TV audience, probably won't put up much of a fight come Sunday afteroon.