2007_11_manningvikings.jpgIt took all of 45 seconds on Sunday to tell you that the Giants were in trouble. Lawrence Tynes sent the opening kickoff out of bounds and Minnesota scored on a 60-yard bomb on their second play of the game. It was a harbinger of things to come as Minnesota thrashed the Giants 41-17 on Sunday.

You can blame the entire team for this one, but the quarterback deserves special consideration. Eli Manning was terrible throwing four interceptions, three of which were returned for touchdowns and his “aw shucks” press conference didn’t inspire much confidence. Time is running out on the Manning to prove he is something more than a guy with a famous last name and the last five games of the season will be a huge test for him.

The schedule is treacherous, road games in Chicago and Philly followed by a home game against Washington then a trip to Buffalo and a final clash at home with the currently unbeaten Patriots. 3-2 should get them into the playoffs, 2-3 might even be enough. As bad as it seems this morning, the Giants still lead the wild card race, the problem is this loss created more questions than answers.

Photo of Eli Manning during yesterday's drubbing by AP/Bill Kostroun