The clinging jellyfish have laid siege to local beaches, Mary Lee the Great White Shark has returned from her winter vacation, the goats are munching on city parks' poison ivy, and Pedals the Bear's strolling around New Jersey like he owns the place. Animal Summer is here, and humans have chosen to retaliate—last weekend a wannabe Robert Shaw caught a massive 202-pound thresher shark just off of Sheepshead Bay this weekend. But is it the right shark?

Sheepshead Bites reports that above shark was caught at an annual shark fishing tournament, hosted by local bait shop Stella Maris. A collection of boats went out at around 5:30 a.m. on Saturday, and fisherman caught 18 sharks total. There were a couple more 200-pound threshers in the mix, and one fisherman caught a 144-pound, eight-foot blue shark.

Though a handful of local sharks are endangered (petitions have circled asking to include common threshers on the list, but NOAA says [pdf] there's no evidence they're at risk of extinction), it is legal to fish for more prevalent sharks like common threshers, blue shakers, hammerheads and makos, and last weekend's acquisitions were turned into steak. “Oh yeah, it’s delicious. Thresher shark is delicious, good quality, top-of-the-line," one boat captain told Brooklyn Daily.

The paper also reported that thresher sharks are swimming closer to local shores than usual, thanks to an uptick in the bunker fish population—though these sharks don't hunt humans, they can hurt you if you bother them or try to fish them. The good news is, more thresher sharks also mean more whales, so budding cetologists might be in for some fun this summer.