Sure, subway commuters are used to seeing some weird stuff on the train, and yes, it's very very hot on the platform, but that doesn't make it okay to drag a giant refrigerator onto the platform and leave it there to rot.

The mysterious fridge, which the Post describes as "massive," sat on the B/D/F/M platform at the West 4th St station for several days before it was finally removed, spewing empty Arizona iced tea bottles along the way. The MTA has no idea how or why it got there—on Wednesday, the NYPD was called to check out the fridge as "a suspicious item," but it wasn't hauled away until last night. We're awaiting an update from the MTA to see if they've learned anything more about the mysterious appliance.

Straphangers floated origin theories on the platform, guessing that homeless people might be "building some kind of house." Others partook in the time-honored tradition of pretending that weird stuff on the subway isn't happening: said one nonplussed rider, "Nothing surprises me."