When the Parks Dept. started to dredge The Lake in Central Park, they found huge fish specimens that have flourished unnoticed in the waters for years. Like the apocryphall tales of unseen alligators growing to enormous lengths in the sewers, dredgers found koi that were three feet long and weighing up to 30 pounds in the lake. Dredgers also dug up 50 lb. turtles and freshwater clams. Who knew?

The lake is the last body of water to be overhauled in a $25 million project funded by the Central Park Conservancy. The project's goal is to remove tons of sediments from the lakes, coves, and streams in the park. One thing mentioned in the Post's article is that a "tiny island that's sat unnoticed for years in the middle of The Lake will emerge once again" - cool! And that reminds us of how Manhattan is very watery.

(NYC - Central Park: The Lake (panoramic), by wallyg at flickr)