Those pushovers at the Parks Department have accepted the apology of MIHventures, who trashed Prospect Park during their annual illegal Heatwave BBQ. The Brooklyn Paper notes that everyone is getting along, and the Parks folk say they "will also ensure that they [MIH] fully comply with our rules and regulations when considering any future events at Prospect Park or any other park."

Maybe the new Dumpster will help them keep in line. The Daily News reports that a rise in park attendance coupled with cuts to the cleaning crew has left the park a mess every morning. "To handle the mounds of garbage that pile up over busy weekends this summer, officials have resorted to planting a mammoth Dumpster in the middle of the park." You see, this is why we can't have nice things. Couldn't we have all just cleaned up after ourselves? Then maybe we'd be getting a Dumpster pool instead.

Luckily, this isn't happening at every nature oasis in the city. One Brooklyn blogger is applauding the workers who clean up Sunset Park, noting that "On Monday (after a violent storm the night before), I walked through the park around 8 AM and noticed that the back half of the park was exceptionally cleaned up. Almost every trashcan had neatly tied bags next to it, and there was little garbage on the grass/walkways." Sounds like paradise.