2008_10_sichurch.jpgA Staten Island church has been having so much unexplained activity going on within its doors that it has decided to call upon real-life ghostbusters from the Eastern Paranormal Investigation Center. The pastor of St. Andrew's Episcopal Church, Reverend Michael Delaney, described the scene to the Daily News, "All of a sudden the chimes were ringing. The candle over the tabernacle was dancing like there was a major wind. But there was no wind. And we heard what sounded like a tin dish hitting the floor." The ghostbusters are bringing in high-tech equipment including an ion emitter because one of the group's co-founders Arthur Matos says, "Ions are like food for ghosts. They use a prevalent amount of ions to show themselves." When asked by SI Live when the group would release its findings from its trip to the church on its website, Matos told them, "They should be up in time for Halloween."