The Daily News reports that "scarecrow cars" are being used by the NYPD to deter crime, much to the dismay of the police union. Scarecrow crows are empty radio cars that are stationed on highways in hopes of scaring drivers to straighten up with their driving.

The Patrolmen's Benevolent Association sees the cars as a sign of short-staffing and poor recruiting the NYPD has had lately, due to the low salaries offered. The Daily News has an enlightening graphic (above) that shows how much NYPD police officers make versus cops in other areas and at other agencies. The city and NYPD have been trying to re-negotiate a contracts for years to no avail, which both sides blame each other for.

The NYPD claims that the cars have nothing do to with short-staffing and everything to do with just want to keep things safe. The city's Office of Labor Relations commissioner James Hanley tells the News, "I've been going down to the Jersey shore for a long time, and the Garden State Parkway police have been doing it for years." The comment from Hanley, who is negotiating the NYPD's contract with the city, amused posters on the NYPD Rant message board: "I guess now Hanley is the newest voice in the Ministry of Propaganda. Garden State Parkway Police? When are they giving a test?"