Photographs by amolho4 on Flickr

Reader Allan send us these photographs, which show that the Ghost Bike Memorial for Carl Nacht had been "knocked down and mangled, still attached to the sign post it was locked to. it looked like the sign post was cut down." A note had been left at the sign post, and Allan called the person, who believes Gray Line Duck vehicle knocked it down. Gray Line, however, told Allan they don't know anything about it.

Nacht, a doctor who loved to ride his bike and ran in 29 consecutive NYC marathons, was killed during an evening bike ride with his wife in 2006. A police tow truck turned from the West Side Highway towards the police impound lot at West 38th, and hit Nacht, who had been on the bike path. Nacht's wife said in 2006 that the driver didn't yield to them, as he should have, "We thought because we were on a bike path, we were safe."

Here's the Ghost Bikes website, and this is the entry on Nacht. In June, New York magazine looked at the Ghost Bikes around the city.