Fun fact that most renters don't realize? Property owners can (and frequently are) ticketed for the litter outside their buildings. And what offends a ticketing sanitation cop can include furniture and sometimes, as in the case of Queensman Raymond Janson, trash cans out for pick ups. Hey, people gotta make their (totally not real) quotas somehow!

In the case of Janson, his ticket came because he put his building's trash cans out on the street before 4 p.m. the day before pickup. Just over half-an-hour, he says. So naturally at 3:27 p.m. he received a Failure to Store Receptacle summons for $100 for putting out three 30 gallon plastic cans out in advance of pick up. "I know the city is looking for money but this is ridiculous," Jansen told Fox. "With all of the things wrong with this city, this is what we crack down on! Hard working, law abiding, tax paying citizens putting out their garbage 39 minutes early!"

Having seen summons for similar offenses (nothing worse than coming home to a ticket because the Department of Sanitation just didn't pick up the trash while you were at work) we feel Janson's pain. On the plus side, like many tickets, Sanitation summonses are incredibly easy to fight. If you can take the time out of your day to go down and argue your case, you probably will not have to pay. Just bring in lots of pictures and be reasonable.