Williamsburg Bridge

Yesterday morning at 7AM, a 26 year-old Lower East Side resident was shot twice on the Willamburg Bridge while biking to work - for his cellphone! Marcin Muchalski, a photographer and waiter, was headed to work at the Southside Lounge in Williamsburg when a man robbed him. Muchalski refused to give up his cellphone, a blue Nokia 3390, which led the robber to shoot him in the leg. Muchalski continued to argue, saying, "Hey, man, I'm a hard-working guy. I don't make much money. I don't have money on me. Let me go," prompting the robber to hit him on the head and shoot him in the arm. Muchalski managed to


run away, calling 911 on his cellphone, which led to the arrest of 47-year-old Julius Griffin. Muchalski is at Bellevue in stable condition.

Now Gothamist knows what it's like to have a serious connection with our cellphone - there are so many phone numbers in there. But when a gun is being waved at our face, we'd probably give it up - would you?