rooseveltave.jpgSomeone went on a rampage just before noon yesterday, shooting five people standing at a bus stop in a fusillade of gunfire in Jackson Heights, Queens. It wasn't as much a rampage, exactly, as a reckless attempt to kill a single person by firing into a crowd. The alleged target was a 21-year-old man, who was shot in the side before staggering into a restaurant and collapsing. Police are searching not just for a single shooter, but a group of men he was with that ran off in different directions.

The spray of bullets in front of an Ecuadoran restaurant left five people wounded as they stood on Roosevelt Ave. in broad daylight Saturday afternoon. Two of the victims had only graze wounds, but the other three were seriously injured. All are expected to survive. The worst wounded was a 21-year-old woman who was initially described as pregnant, but fortunately is not.

The proprietor of a nearby business who provided refuge to panicked pedestrians fleeing the gunfire said that things on Roosevelt Ave. in Jackson Heights have been getting worse in recent weeks. Police are wondering if the shooting was connected to another flagrant shooting a few weeks ago in the same area. There are multiple surveillance cameras on the block and police and residents hope that they caught images that will help capture the shooter that left their neighborhood bloodied and scared.