There is nothing like a good "how I got served with a lawsuit" paper story (except, maybe, a big ice cream cone, which would be perfect for a glorious day like today). A few years ago, Staten Island resident Anna Maydanik was injured while riding in Jason Cieri's car in Virginia, but couldn't sue him since he lives in New Jersey and there was no jurisdiction over him. So Maydanik's lawyer did the next best thing: Hire a process server to lure Cieri to New York City with tickets to The Producers - and serve him after the show! Cieri and his girlfriend received tickets, along with a letter claiming that had "randomly selected [Cieri] to attend this production on Nov. 26, 2005." And who would be one to turn down Producers tickets? Cieri didn't accept the papers, and a Staten Island judge threw out Maydanik's case, agreeing with Cieri's lawyers that he was trapped by Mayandik's lawyer, who then blamed the process server. There's Process servers - we know so little about them and their ways...if there's a show about a bounty hunter, maybe there can be one about a process server?

And Broadway producers, this post is in no way a suggestion that "You Got Served" should be a musical.