2004_11_diploplates.JPG For as long as we can remember diplomats and their distaste for paying parking tickets and property taxes have been a go-to political issue for New York politicians. Everybody agrees that there is a problem and nobody has a good solution (beyond, y'know, the diplos paying up...). So the fact that Chuck and Hillary, a year after saying they were going to do something, seem to actually be doing something is a little surprising.

What a bummer then that we're really unsure how we feel about the Schumer/Clinton compromise currently being pushed through the House and Senate. Why? Because their solution is to take the amount of money foreign nations owe New York out of their foreign aid. Which a) seems a little drastic to us and b) still doesn't, unless we're really misunderstanding (which is always possible), get the money (around $218 million in taxes and tickets) into New York's pockets. It just keeps the money out of other countries aid (and out of what part of the aid? education? health? who knows...). Isn't there a way to do this without punishing the wrong people?

But that's just us. Do you want to take other countries back taxes and tickets out of their foreign aid?