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On the heels of New York Magazine's bit about teeth-whitening addicts comes a piece in the New York Times Science section about people obsessed with tanning. Though Gothamist tends to consider both part of the same conspiracy--don't get me wrong, I've attempted to use Whitestrips, until the drool made it impossible--there is one major difference. While overdosing on teeth-whitening agents can strip your teeth to the point of pain, tanning, a new study shows, may release endorphins. So the actual orange skin may not be the most addictive part. Britney, et. al. may actually be addicted to the rush they feel when they get their tanning hit.

A wise friend recently told Gothamist that Coco Chanel originally popularized the tan as a sort of F-U to the vast white-skin conspiracy that kept women from being active outdoors. Somehow the signifier has become detached from the signified, and now we're stuck with women obsessing over just the tan--instead of vacations on the Riviera. For shame!

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