While walking all of downtown Manhattan is quite a feat, Gothamist wasn't that blown away by Robert Jay Kaufman's below 14th street travels. Mainly because many other have tried to walk all of Manhattan, most recently Caleb Smith (whose markered up map is above). Photoblogger Mike Epstein of Satan's Laundromat is in the middle of his all-Manhattan walk (we interviewed him a few weeks ago). What is pretty cool about Kaufman's walk is that he's writing a walking guide, Blockology to accompany it. But there are many other things you can do besides walk Manhattan blocks. You can photograph 'em, talk to a different friend every five blocks on the phone, scoop dog poo, buy a different iced drink, pee in alleys... This is how New Yorkers spend their days.

What's your favorite NYC walk? This NY Times description of blocks is fun and informative: A blur block is "Synchronized lights and multiple lanes for traffic, resulting in a block that’s a blur to both drivers and pedestrians."