Tomorrow, the Transit Workers Union is expected to vote on a strike tomorrow at the Javits Center. They will only strike at 12:01AM next Friday morning if contract negotiations are do not bring them what they want. And there are some suspicions that transit workers are working more slowly as a form of passive-aggressive protest to the MTA's terrible contract offers thus far. We did notice that the stations have been dirtier than usual, but we assumed that was because holiday tourists were taking a cue from New Yorkers and throwing their refuse on the ground - or that there were more free newspapers in town. Anyway, it could be that the strike gets resolved right before the deadline, the way it did in 2002. Mayor Bloomberg, you spent $77 million to get yourself reelected - make good on that and fix this!

Given the Mayor's suggestion that people should try to stay at friends' homes that are closer to work if there is a strike, we wonder if our friends really want us living with them. Do they have wireless router? Is there more than one TV? Can we take very long showers and hog the hair dryer? Will they stock up the freezer with mint chip ice cream? Not that we want to sleep at the office (or outside), but this Raku sleeping bag seems pretty awesome.