Today is Primary Day in the city and state, with candidates for the Democratic and Republican tickets to be selected for Governor, Attorney General, Senate, Congress, and more. If you're registered to the Democratic or Republican party, you can vote!

Some candidates are saying that the primary should be moved, because it falls so close to September 11 (remember how five years ago, September was Pimary Day?), which affects how much they can campaign. But, as the Times reports, that hasn't stopped the campaign machines from "mobilizing get-out-the-vote operations, releasing last-minute advertisements and trying to influence news media coverage of tonight’s results."

Here are links to help you find your polling area and here's a list of the candidates (PDF). You can probably already call a few of the campaigns now (the gubernatorial nominees will probably be Spitzer on the Democratic side and Spencer on the Republican; Clinton as the Democratic nominee for Senate over Jonathan Tasini), but the most interesting one is the Brooklyn race, the four way race which has race and gender subtexts. If the Brooklyn race intrigues you, Room Eight has an great post about the 11th District Assembly race in Queens, which is about splitting the Asian vote. And if you're strictly going to vote based on poster design, copyranter endorses Mark Green.

Photography of Mayor Bloomberg voting in today's primary by Richard Drew/AP