2005_09_goat.jpgThis might be the feel-good story of the year: Little girl saves goat from impending death as dinner! A Queens family had purchased a baby goat to slaughter and then cook as part of a birthday celebration for a 2 year-old (that is some birthday... we can't even remember ours), but the goat got loose and decided to run for its little life in Queens. Enter 10 year old Heather Lodico who helped Animal Care and Control chase down the goat, enabling the goat to be shipped to Long Island to live on an animal sanctuary for now - and one birthday-celebrating family to go without a main course. And to make things even cuter, the Lodico family is moving to a farm upstate, which means there might be a chance little Heather could have Meadow the Goat (named after Fresh Meadows, not the Soprano) with her; if not, Meadow will have to fend off the anxious, rough attention of little kids at a petting zoo.

Two movies about animals being saved from being dinner: Charlotte's Web and Babe. And while this goat is very cute, for anyone thinking of having one as a pet, you're out of luck: Owning a goat is illegal "under most circumstances" (except the goat as food ones).