2008_11_blooflu.jpgIt's Flu Season! Last week, Mayor Bloomberg got his flu shot and the Health Department recommends that "everyone who wants to reduce the risk of influenza should get vaccinated this year." Flu season can extend into May,

These groups are especially urged to get the shot: Children between 6 months to18 years of age; Adults 50 and older – especially those over 65; Pregnant women; People with chronic health conditions; People in nursing homes and other long-term care facilities; Health-care workers; Anyone in close daily contact with children under 5 – especially infants younger than 6 months; and Anyone in close daily contact with people who are over 50 or living with chronic health conditions. And for a scary stat: In 2006, 2,500 deaths were associated with the flu.

You can get flu shots at the your doctor (call to make an appointment), at pharmacies (call to find out), and at flu clinics all over the city. Here are some preventative steps from the CDC (#1--get the vaccine). Also, check out Google's Flu Trends--reported cases are rising!