Monday, November 1st, a new law regarding carbon monoxide (CO) detectors takes effect. The law, passed in May, required all apartments in New York City to have carbon monoxide detectors. Carbon monoxide is a deadly gas that is odorless, colorless, tasteless and non-irritating and can come from several sources including heating and cooking equipment.

The law requires all building owners to provide and install one detector within each unit of the building. The detectors should be installed within 15 feet of an entrance to the sleeping room. Gothamist got our combination fire/CO detector last night and it even talks, saying "Fire! Fire!" and "Warning! Carbon Monoxide!"

Be sure not to let the building owner rip you off though, they can only charge you $25 for a carbon monoxide detector and $35 for a dual detector, but only if your smoke detector needs replacing. For condos and co-ops, check with your board to see how the costs are being handled.

About.com's information on CO and Underwriters Laboratory with info on the "silent killer".