2005_09_topoftherock.jpgAmy at Newyorkology reminds us that today is the first day you can buy tickets for the observation decks at Rockefeller Center! The roof decks have now been renovated on the 67th to 70th floors, which seem to go on forever (read our March post about the renovations). The Top of the Rock website as this nostalgic movie of old images from the observation deck that recalls its Art Deco history. You can buy tickets online or by calling 212-298-200; tickets are $14 for adults, $12 for seniors, and $9 for children.

Amy said she got tickets to the first available elevator ride on the first day (November 1) and Gothamist is impressed. We're settling November 1 in the evening for some dazzling lights. There are tours of Rockefeller Center's interior available and you can go to the Rainbow Room for a night on the town.