Those crazy kids over at Transportation Alternatives are grumpy again! Hot on the heels of the recent EPA revelations about New York's awful air quality (a story so nice we posted on it twice) TA has come out kicking, along with the American Lung Association, Borough President Scott Stringer and a bunch of city council members, calling for automobiles to be banned from Central Park's loop drive (they are currently banned on the weekends, but allowed on the weekdays).

"We're here to say if you're in a car and you want to get around Manhattan, you're better off going around Central Park. It's clear, to ensure that those of all ages who choose to run, walk, bike and play in the park can enjoy themselves in a healthy and safe environment, we have to say no to cars and yes to quality recreation. Parks are for people, not cars," says Manhattan Borough President Stringer.

And you know what? we totally agree. One of the many genius parts of the original Olmsted and Vaux design of the Park are the submerged cross streets which allow cars to easily cross through the Park without disrupting the effect of a preserved nature in the middle of the city (however artificial that nature may be). As long as those cross-streets work we're at a loss as to what other reason the average joe could have to drive around in Central Park (Cops cars are another story). It's not like we're a city known for our cars. That's us, what do you think of a car-less summer in the Park?

Central Park Fog by Mercurian via G'ist Contribute.