2005_02_tepper.jpgCrain's New York says that fewer New Yorkers own cars, due to lack of parking spaces, increasing costs (insurance, gas), and more fines. According to a study, it costs almost $10,000 to maintain a car in New York City, which has led to the 5% decrease in car ownership since 2000. Hmm, $10,000 would be at least around 500 late-night car rides to or from Brooklyn. Interestingly enough, preserving mental health was not specifically called out, though that's the implicit suggestion, because what else can Gothamist think, when we read "$400/month parking fees" and "$2.29/gallon gas." And think about the potholes! And the crazy pedestrians! The cabs, the bad drivers from not-NYC, the delivery trucks, the bike messengers...riding in a car is almost as bad as driving a car in the city, but driving would force Gothamist to up our hours on the therapist's couch. Then again, Gothamist has barely driven since the new millennium and we will lie, steal, and cheat in order to befriend people who are nuts enough to own cars, with hopes of roadtrips to NJ malls where there's no sales tax. And there may be nothing truer than this wonderful quote in the article:

Susannah Perlman, who recently sold her 1989 Honda Civic, says: "Owning a car is not a crime. But in New York City they certainly make you feel like it is one."

Calvin Trillin captured the insanity of city car ownership in Tepper Isn't Going Out. And Gothamist still doesn't get how Jerry Seinfeld owned a car in the city, before his days as a garage owner, but the Parking Space is a great episode.